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Berean High School Master Plan

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We just went to a meeting last night in Ranch San Miguel in Walnut Creek in the Library of Berean High School, poorly publicized by the school, intentionally it appears, where we learned that the school is hatching a plan to intensify the use of Walnut Creek's El Divisadero Park and parking lot --- apparently used almost exclusively by the school --- eventually to accommodate 750 students (currently at 400 students) at the same time increasing weekday evening sports activities (with higher bleachers obscuring views of Mount Diablo, night-time lights , etc.)

It was apparent from listening to the few long-time residents who had heard about the meeting that Berean has a history of broken promises and bad faith in relation to the community.  The master plan indicates an intention to build a hideous two-story main building completely at odds with the Eichler style.  Moreoever, there appears to be some greed involved in the decision-making process since the City apparently has accepted the 'bribe' of reduced park costs consequent upon replacement of the natural grass with some kind of artificial turf specifically patterned to facilitate a more intense use (e.g., baseball diamonds) by the school --- on city property!  It should be added that traffic is already quite bad some late afternoons and early evenings.  Parking typically overflows into many of the surrounding streets.  With nearly twice the students planned in the future, it will become a disastrous situation!

We are wondering what Network participants can share about similar plans unveiled in their own communities and how they have combatted them.  It is clear from Walnut Creek's apparent willingness to tolerate this planning that it has a negligent attitude toward the Eichler phenomenon and we would like to know how we might turn this around as, for example, some of the Peninsula communities have succeeded in doing.  It seems to us that Eichler communities must fight hard for their long-term survival!