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Bitumen Roof?

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Hi all - we are looking for a new roof for our current T&G roof. In addition to a Foam roof and a T&G roof, I got a quote for a 'Bitumen' roof. Does anyone have any experience with Bitumen roofs? Should I be asking any particular questions or watch out for anything? are they as durable as TGs or Foams?

Also, on Foam roofs, is it true that we need recoatings every 5 years or so and that this also runs into several 1000s of $?


Joined: Mar 16 2005

I'm chiming in to advocate the Foam roof as a replacement.

The insulating properties of Foam, by itself, speaks loudly. In the hottest days, there is something like a 10 degree difference - - if the sun is coming through the glass and windows, the house will bake, but the Foam keeps the ceiling benealth the roof cooler than other roof types.

There is a recent posting string on re-coating, so it seems to be recommended after 5 years for about $5K.

I came across a contractor that guarantees their Foam roof for 20 years, but who knows where they'll be.

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If you use the Search function above left, you'll find some relevant discussions, such as here:

good luck! -L

PS I went for foam as well, after comparing w/ bitumen, but your mileage may vary

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We got a bitumen and foam insulated roof last year - he put down sheets of foam insulation which is fixed to plywood, so the plywood is on top, and bitumen sheeting on top of it. So far no problems and we like it. The insulation has been great. See my prior post re: 'roof and solar.' To me it seems like it may be easier to maintain and care for our roof because it was laid down in sections so could be fixed in sections. I do like the bitumen much better than T&G because there is nothing "loose" to come down the drain pipes. It also made installing solar panel much easier. It was easy to level. We don't have any ponding at all now.

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