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Boiler replacement

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Joined: Feb 5 2004

We need to replace the boiler for our radiant heat system. In interviewing several different companies I am finding they each are recommend a different type of system. I would love to know what other people have done and if they are happy with their choice. So far the recommendations have been: 1. tankless radiant heating system, 2. a combined domestic and radiant heating system, and 3. condensing and draft boiler.

Any and all thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Joined: Feb 19 2004

I would go with a LAARS TELEDYNE MiniTherm Unit.

Ours was a 125,000 BTU Model which I feel is TOO LARGE
because it uses too much natural gas.

I would go with something in the 50,000 to 100,000 BTU Range
and a high speed recirculating pump.

These units are 85% percent efficient.

Good luck.

Joined: Mar 20 2003


I researched this back in Sept and came up with the following short comings in the tankless option,
-short term warranty, I think 5yrs compared to 12-20yrs on boilers
-need to upgrade the pump at installation
-debate among professionals in industry as to whether tankless is the right application for radiant floors in eichlers
-no city permit with installation

I went with the standard boiler option. There are a lot of good models out there. If any of the above points have changed since Sept please correct me.


Joined: Jul 1 2003

Our AO Smith boiler is original (1973) so I may be in the same spot as you soon enough, but not right now. Intuitively, I would NOT go for a combined hot water & radiant heat setup - - I like redundancy - - with a combined system, if there was a problem in the winter, both water and heat are at risk.
Also, when it comes to infrastructure devices, traditional technology w/ "newer" refinements works well (and cheaply). Often, the consumer is the long-term test laboratory for state-of-the-art; Eichlers themselves were laboratories in both design and build, and 40 years later, I dare say half of what Eichler did were regrettable decisons (along with other then contemporary construction methods) - - (how about those steel pipes??).

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