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Buying a mid century modern and...........

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Hi, I am buying a gorgeous mid century modern home in genoa city, wisconsin. It is the only one like it in the city and I would like to try and find out the architech that designed it. I have no idea who to ask or what to look for. I know it was built in 1950, it has built in original thermador range and wall oven and original built in butcher block inthe kitchen. The living room has one huge glass window wall. I do have a picture of it, but am unsure of how to post it so I'll link to it here...
Anyone have any idea? I know these style homes are NOT popular in wisconsin and rare to find in such great it was frozen in time.

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Congratulations on your new mid-century modern home!
I don't know if you've looked in the garage yet but in our Eichler inside the garage we found a wooden block with a cardboard sign with Eichler's name, name of the architectural firm, year built, and the parcel no among other information.
In addition hidden between the cardboard paper and the wooden block we found a 1958 dollar bill.
If you can't find some identifier like that I would try to contact the previous owners or their children who grew up in the house. This information is often a matter of public record. Also, your local librarian may have information about architectural firms working in your area in the year your home was built. Of course you can google your towns name along with "architects".
You didn't mention the size of your town but often smaller communities have very active historical societies who know alot about the towns history.
Let us know what you find out.

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check with your city or county building department for construction documents/permits which may still be on file. You also might want to check out we get posters from Baraboo and Brookfield, WI who have discovered Modern homes and want to restore and preserve them to their original glory. Wisconsin has a deep history of Modern architects with FLLW and the Keck brothers.

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