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Carpenter recommendations please

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Joined: May 20 2004

Ren Man, Cathye I think I remember you posting you had a good guy who can replicate the original cabinets with slider doors. I;m looking for just such a person. If you can, please email me at sallyha at pacbell dot net.
I'm planning to do a built in or two and want to match the original design.

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Hi Sally:

My guy left the business and is now a distributor for Astro Turf! Too bad, as he was really good. Loni Nagwani has several really good cabinet guys she has worked with for her clients - including some that can replicate or restore the original cabs - but from what I am hearing, one has left his independent business and gotten a F-T job and the other is so swamped, I cannot even get him to talk to me. Still worth a try, but best to contact Loni by phone when requesting this kind of info. You can get her # from the link to her site from here - up top of the home page.

We had ours refaced, including replacing the sliding doors with ones that pull out and have hidden finger pulls. I prefer the open out feature for convenience - lets me seen the entire contents at the same time. If you can find a cabinetmaker that is willing to do a refacing job, feel free to bring them down for a look at our cabs (we are in San Jose), or I can just e-mail you some photos. The disadvantage is since they are completely flat, finger prints can show if you have kids (we don't) and also the hinges need to be re-adjusted periodically with a phillips screwdriver to keep them perfectly square.

Also, you might want to talk to Mike Myers Fine woodworking (an advertiser here) - Ask for Steve Doriss. They do quality woodworking/and cabinetry and have done several Eichlers - but you would have to talk to them about whether or not they are willing to do what you are looking for.

Renman. Any suggestions?


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