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complete radiant-heat replacement with flexible tubing?

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Has anyone ever engaged in a complete radiant-heat replacement as discussed by Jerry Rothfeld in this Eichler Network article?

Considering the slab damages and extensive settling described in an earlier post, and the fact that the whole floor is exposed throughout the house, I was wondering if an anti-fracture material + new flexible radiant heat wouldn't be more appropriate than repairs (I do not have yet a reading on extent of minimum repairs needed but I would say it's extensive - not just one or 2 small leaks). It would level the floor to start with, then would better resist any further settling that might happen (since the tubing is flexible).

Any thought on this approach - has anyone goes through such a complete replacement before? Special considerations to keep in mind?

Any idea of costs?

Any company to recommend in the Peninsula (I see that Jerry doesn't seem to work in this area)? Recommendations should be sent directly to: eichlernetwork AT

PS: I do plan on calling around on Monday, but nothing is worth advice from fellow Eichler Network members!