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difference b/w pergo products?

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hi all! i just purchased an eichler in terra linda and i'm thinking of installing pergo floors. in my research i can not seem to find the difference between pergo 'select' flooring and pergo 'presto' flooring--other than different patterns. does anyone have experience with either (or both) or possibly know the difference (benefits, ease-of-installation, etc.) between the two? thanks in advance! :)

Joined: Mar 24 2003 has a wealth of information about all things flooring, and this article in particular has the information you want about the different lines of Pergo as well as some information that might make you consider some other brands besides pergo.

We chose Wilsonart laminate flooring for one of our rooms several years ago and are very happy with it.


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You just purchased a wonderful new home..congratulations. Are you really sure that you want to go with Pergo in your new home? While Pergo floors have gotten better, they still inevitably look cheap and second rate.

Why not go with something a little more consistent with Eichler design / a classier looking material? While it may cost a little more initially, you should view this as an investment. Personally, I wouldn't skimp on "fake-flooring" :wink:

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I agree with tguptha. We installed Kahrs Engineered floating floors in a light maple which fits the modern style of Eichlers. We are happy with them. Install these if you can afford them - I think they are worth the investment.

Make sure and read all the postings on this sight before proceeding. In short, test your radiant heat and fix leaks and slab problems before you install any flooring. Also make sure your installer is experienced and uses a waterproof barrier between the floor and slab.

Good luck, Lynn

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The Kahrs flooring looks beautiful--what kind of moisture barrier did your installer use?
Are there any maintenance issues with these?

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Kahrs has their own moisture barrier products but they are basically the same as what pergo sells. You can check them out at Home Depot. need to sweep alot! If you are used to carpet (like I was), you don't realize how much stuff gets tracked in and dropped on the floor until you have a hard floor. You will also need to put protective padding on all your chairs and furniture legs so it won't scratch the floor.

I bought the pergo installation video from Home Depot to see how it is installed. I have the Kahrs floor but the install is basically the same. If anyone would like to have it I would be happy to pass it along.
Lynn in Palo Alto

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What color is your karh floor? Is it Maple Stockholm or Maple Genua? - I like those too (even though it is a little pricey). Where did you get your floor, online or in a local store? Did you install it yourself or hire a pro installer?

Sounds like you have working radiant heat underneath the floor. I 'm very interested in knowing how the Karh floor performs over radiant heat based first-hand experience. Is the floor warm? How does it compare with tile/stone, or carpet?


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I have Kahrs Maple Genua 2-strip long which gives it a clean light colored look. They also have 3 strip which is cheaper but it is a busier look.

The flooring came in big boxes which I'm sure you could buy yourself from the internet. Yes- it is expensive but I'm impressed with the Kahrs interlocking floor. It is engineered very well and it snaps together nicely. A professional installer would be better at the finish work around door jambs, floor transitions, etc- this is no trivial matter. Adding molding around the floor is also a big job and should be done nicely (and correctly to allow for expansion). The flatness of your slab is important and a pro could assess that issue.

There are several flooring companies in the Redwood City area and I used one fo them. They are all "union houses" so they draw from the same group of installers. You can write me personally to get a recomendation.

I have radiant heat and it transmits nicely but I'm sure not as good as bare concrete or tile. It's better than the carpet we used to have. We have only one throw rug and after heating the house, if you lift the rug, you can feel the warmth. I walked barefoot this winter on my neighbors hardwood floor and they have a crawl space under their house- it was very cold compared with my floor.

All floors have tradeoffs and during my entire remodel, this was the hardest decision - no floor is perfect. A floating floor and carpet win on ease of install- no nasty surface prep to do

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In our last eichler we had Kars floors and my one toddler son was always dripping liquids onto it, which swelled the floor and caused damage. Also his push cars created faint indentations in the wood.

For our new eichler, we are putting in Pergo because the edges are sealed and will not absorb water, and now we have twin babies in addition to our son. We need a floor that is virtually indestructable and secondarily looks nice.

Now I have a question. Can we put the Pergo over the existing peel-and-stick tiles and use the tiles as the padding/vapor barrier? The tiles are in good condition, just ugly.

Thanks, Julie

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