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Economical atrium cover?

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We're looking at redoing our roof with foam (and updating plumbing, electrical, etc.). The roofers need us to get rid of our existing atrium cover, an ugly home-made assembly of fiberglass sheets over PVC pipe that the previous owner made, because it overlaps the framing of the atrium opening and sits flush on the roof surface.

We have a number of other pricey projects we want to get done, and really don't want to sink a ton of extra money into covering the atrium. We would like to keep it covered for various reasons, so are not considering just leaving it open. I would be very interested in hearing other people's solutions to this challenge, particularly if it came in the low $1000s range.

If it matters, there is an exhaust fan in the atrium to pull out hot air in the summer, so it's not critical the cover be vented, insulated or openable.

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