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eichler blue prins to build this type of house

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Helllo folks,
I am tikiman sam.
I saw a eichler house or floor plan in montrose cal. (above passadena off the 210 freeway about 6 months ago.
it was run down and I was trying to find out about who owned to buy and restroration of ot becouse it was a cool looking house.
I did not know what a eichler houe was just that this house has the coolness I desired for a home.
I saw an artical in a mag called lifescapes showed my wife and said thats that house we went today and it was all torn up to no end like a butcher shop gone threw it it was a sad sight! so now I want to build my own house!

thank you for all in put on this!

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Here's a guy who's got some stock plans, one of which is quite Eichleresque:

Joined: Apr 10 2003

home you saw was in a tract built by Webster Wiley. Go to
and search on Webster Wiley and see the relevant postings. I also posted a few pics in their gallery. They are cool looking homes, and there was some postings that sound like you are posting about the same home-most seemed to lament it's 'remuddling' into something else. Most of the Webster Wiley tracts are in that Crescenta Valley area and I think 1 small tract in Glendora (there are some pics in the lottaliving gallery of that tract as well)

Wishing for modern home.

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