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Eichler in Denver

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Hi there

We are located in Denver and are looking at purchasing a house that the owner says was designed by Eichler. I've just started doing my research and this website says that Eichlers were only built in California and 3 in New York. Anyone know anything about Denver Eichlers?


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I am sure that others will correct me, but it is my understanding that:

1. Eichler did not "design" any houses. He employed architects such as Claude Oakland, Jones and Emmons, etc. to design modern houses.

2. Eichler only built homes in California and the "samples" in New York. To my knowledge there are no Eichlers in Denver.

It may be that the house you are looking at was built in the "Eichler style".

Is this house located in Denver proper our outside of the city?

There is a subdivision of mid century modern houses called Arapahoe Acres in Englewood, Colorado.


Maybe you can post some info on your prospective home?

Good luck on your home purchase, let us know how it all works out.


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As Jeff noted, Joe Eichler was not a designer or architect. He was a developer. For the most part, he used the architects firms of Anshen+Allen, Jones and Emmons, and Claude Oakland.

Eichler homes are only found in California and three in NY. The only possibility your home could be related to Eichler are the following ways:

1. a Colorado builder copied some Eichler homes and was sued by Eichler.

2. a Jones & Emmons' design similar to the Greenmeadow models was available as plans people could buy as a result of a TV contest "The House that Home Built" in the mid-50s. It's is not known if any of these homes were built outside the one for the show.

3. The plans for the Life house in San Meteo, designed by Pietro Belluschi and built by Eichler, were available for purchase through Life Magazine after it's completion in the mid 50s.

Many mid-century modern homes were built all over the country in the 50s and 60s. I do know that California architect Cliff May had a large tract of his modern ranch homes built in Denver in 1954-55. These homes shared similar features found in Eichers: low pitch roofs, floor to ceiling glass, glass end gables, wide eves, open plan, radiant floor heat, post & beam construction.

Are there homes nearby that look the same? Or, is it by itself? if you can, email a photo to me.


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