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eichler sliding door cabinets - looking for

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Joined: Jan 7 2004

I'm going to redo the kitchen and would like to replace the cabinets with replica
or close approximation to original. The original are cream colored, with dark
trim and they are SLIDING doors with 1/8" thick sliding panels. Does anyone know
if an equivalent to these can be bought?

In cabinet-speak - they would be called "framed" cabinets, and the (cream) sliding doors
are inset within the (dark) framing trim. This is a cool look, but hard to find.

thanks a bunch.

Joined: Jan 4 2004

I know that for sure that these cabinets are not made in production; so you have to have them made. However, I do know of a couple of cabinet shops that can produce them w/o charging an arm and leg. Since there are rules about referrals on the Eichler Network, it'd be best if you emailed me direct for further info. I am remodeling an Eichler where the original kitchen cabinets were removed; we have them sitting around the job site and the owner might be persuaded to sell them.
Email me at:



Joined: Jan 7 2004

Dear Eichler Enthusiasts:

We have remodeled our kitchen and unfortunately, this being the second remodel these cabinets were not salvaged. However, we're in the process of remodeling the Master Bath in our four bedroom Eichler and have been able to salvage the vanety, original formica top and stanless steel sink. If anyone might be interested let us know by contacting us at our email address:

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