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EICHLERHOLIC: Obscure glass holiday decorations!

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Joined: May 7 2003

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Wally Fields, Eichlerholic, here.
Every year I encourage owners of what I call "Pleaides models" (Eichlers with the wall of Obscure Glass in the front) to put Holiday lights behind the glass.
The results are stunning, and I have some pictures here to prove it...
(If you can't click on URL, try pasting)
(That's a "Plasma Lamp" in the lower left corner... so this display is kinetic as well!)
Varying distance from the glass produces some interesting results.. the blobs get bigger as the lights get farther!

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Thanks for posting the pics, Wally. Anyway, how are you these days? Have not seen a post from you in a long long time.


Joined: May 7 2003

And greetings back to you, kind Willow Glen person. Did I meet you at that great block party this year?
I continue to pursue my passions... Eichlers, of course. Also my abstract painting, and voice over.
What about you? What do you play on your fiddle?

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Hey there:

We missed the block party, but did do the Willow Glen home tour earlier on - I don't believe you made that one though.

We originally met at the Celebrating Eichlers event in Palo Also a couple of years back.

On the fiddle, I play bluegrass, country, western-swing (ala Bob Wills), some jazz, as well as misc. other ecclectic styles. Published 5 books on the subject and am toying with the idea of bringing them back into print. Right now, they are collector's items (sigh...)

Joined: Oct 10 2003

Thanks to Wally's suggestion, we had xmas lights this last december and used our Pleaides obscured windows to a nice effect.

After failing miserably to string these lights straight accross our atrium, I hit upon the idea of bunching them like grapes both in front of and behind our windows Wally style.

I put some pics of the results and some other pics of our ecihler at the photo gallery on this site:


Joined: Aug 28 2003

FX Larry,
Your light idea is a true inspiration. Thanks for showing the pictures.
It is a very original Eichler holiday look. Those of us without an atrium are jealous.

Joined: May 7 2003

I'm glad people were excited about my idea! Eichlers, to me, are all about the imagination, and it's the desire to spark other's imagination that's at the heart of why I write my column.
fxlarry, your solution is cool! And by draping the lights over the top, you can experience the effect from both directions. I see in your photo album, "Holly Oak Manor". Would you perchance live on Holly Oak? If so, I've known one of your neighbors there for years.
As to those without atria, I know it's too late this year, but what you can do next year is put a tree right under the front clerestory window.. not only will the light bathe onto the ceiling, but out the window to the outside!

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