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EICHLERHOLIC SUGGESTS: Holiday decorations, obscure glass

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Joined: May 7 2003

HERE WE ARE again, in the holidays...

This time every year I like to suggest a uniquely Modernist approach to Holiday Lighting. If you have obscure glass on the front of your house, try putting your lights BEHIND the glass.

The effect is pretty astounding, as you can see here...
..this doesn't even begin to capture the effect when in motion, as when driving by your house at night.

You can play with the distance between the lights and the glass, to get different effects. Farther away, the auras are bigger and more dim, closer, they're brighter and smaller.

If you don't have obscure glass in the front but do have clerestories, try putting the lights inside under the clerestory, letting the light spill upward to the ceiling and out the glass.

If you like, send me an email at, showing me pictures of your results.

Joined: Aug 28 2003

Thanks Wally. Those are beautiful. This is the time of year when I wish I had frosted glass.

Joined: May 7 2003

... for your nice comments on the lights. Other thoughts.. those japanese paper lantens.. you could put a few inside them. Or better, those unfolding Shoji screens you can get at cost plus. Not as amazing an effect, but with a subtlety all their own.
If you do this, send me pics!

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