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EICHLERHOLiday light idea... lights BEHIND the Obscure Glass!

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Joined: May 7 2003

The Eichlerholic here, with a holiday message.

One Christmas, as a kid, I saw something mind blowing... blobs of colored light, floating in space, encased in glass. Friends of our family put their Xmass tree, all lit up, BEHIND the obscure glass of their Eichler, producing the effect!

The result was a nebulous, Zero-G composition of huge, floating, intersecting blobs- essentially one, big, multi-colored Xmass light. Video links below...

When I tried this years later (with glass rescued from a torn-down Atherton Eichler, then leaned against my conventional window) observers wondered how I accomplished this effect.

The most amazing thing is how the composition looks like in motion... to the innocent onlooker walking or driving by. This year, I introduce three new videos I took in widescreen, 2 of them in HD.

(If you try this, I'd love to see pics of your handiwork! Please feel free to contact me at...

HD versions:

Standard version (for speed of download):

...and for those of you who have video problems, go here for stills...

Dont forget! Tell me what you came up with, and happy EICHLERHOLidays!