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Floor Club Design Center: Setting the record straight

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Several complaints have been brought to our attention recently against the Floor Club Design Center, whose two locations (Mountain View and Dublin) have been advertising in the Eichler Network newsletter since mid-2003.

In 2004, both Floor Club locations were members of the Better Business Bureau, and their BBB membership was renewed in December 2004 for 2005 membership. At that time, there were no recorded complaints reported to either the Better Business Bureau or the Eichler Network.

During 2005, a total of 16 complaints lodged against the Floor Club covering their two locations were reported to the Better Business Bureau. In October and November 2005, two additional complaints against the Floor Club’s Mountain View location were reported by Eichler homeowners to the Eichler Network. When the Eichler Network investigated these complaints, it was also discovered that the Floor Club’s BBB membership was no longer active.

As a result of the Floor Club’s high complaint record and unresolved complaint status with the BBB, their two unresolved complaints filed by Eichler homeowners with the Eichler Network, and their lapsed BBB membership, the Eichler Network has discontinued the Floor Club’s 2005 advertising, opted not to offer renewal advertising possibilities for 2006, and can no longer recommend them to Eichler homeowners.

For the record, of the 16 BBB complaints, 12 remain with “unresolved” or “no response” (from the company) status. The two Eichler homeowner complaints filed with the Eichler Network remain unresolved; each includes alleged charges of “unauthorized credit card charges,” “refunds not delivered,” and other product and service issues.

For most of 2005 (and prior years), the two Floor Club locations were owned by Barry Bergson and Bergson Investment Co., Inc. (a corporation). During the past few years, the Floor Club has also operated in some capacity as Floor Trends and Floor Source One. Mr. Bergson’s corporation continues to own and operate the Dublin Floor Club location (6735 Sierra Court, #E – 925-875-9952).

In November 2005, the Eichler Network was informed by Larry Gletzer of GletzCo, Inc. (a corporation) that he purchased the assets of the Floor Club location in Mountain View (2415 E. Charleston Road #B - 650-934-3000) from Mr. Bergson effective November 1, 2005. On November 23, 2005 the Eichler Network met with Mr. Gletzer at his store location on behalf of the two Eichler owners and their complaints. At that time, Mr. Gletzer was firm that he purchased only the assets of Mr. Bergson’s company “and not the liabilities.” Nonetheless, he offered to immediately look into the two complaints, and has. (No final resolution has yet been reported.)

Later, in writing, Mr. Gletzer indicated, “I would like to address the concerns of the members of the Eichler Network who were less than fully satisfied with their experiences with the previous operation - within reason.”

-- Marty Arbunich & Scott Furman, Eichler Network