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Free Eichler Components

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Joined: Jul 5 2006

Hi. I've spent several years collecting parts from Eichlers being torn down so these items are from various homes mostly around the peninsula. Condition is well used on many not too bad on others but as with most eichler parts, pretty easy to refurbish. I need to get rid of them. Located in San Mateo.

I have a large number of Eichler sliding kitchen, bath, washer/dryer area? sliding doors.

Some cabinet drawers in various sized (with original brown zolotone/speckle finish).

1 Arcadia sliding door with locking mechanism (not the entire 2 part frame... just the door that slides). Screen door frame (rusted but they sand and refinish easily).

LOTS of the original brown lightswitch and outlet plate covers in various formats from single switch, dual switch, etc.

Small misc. cut pieces of new thinline Eichler siding (not painted or stained)

I also have a few extra full sheets of the thinline siding that we are looking to sell. I believe they are 4'x8'.

Joined: Oct 22 2012


I'd be interested in seeing some pictures if you have them, I will send you a private message.

Thank you for your time!

Joined: Jun 18 2013

I am looking for a tan light switch to replace one that no longer work do you still have any?

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