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FYI: Eichler apartments?

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I just found this forum from a Tiki forum and was amused enough to post, please pardon me if this has been mentioned before.

Since 1985 I've lived in Palo Alto, California, in an Eichleresque apartment. For those in the area this is the Webster Oaks complex at the corner of Webster & Channing in Palo Alto. Yes I've lived in a small apartment for almost 20 years :).

Mine is euphemistically called a 2 bedroom apartment. It has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, seperate small bedroom, and a sliding wall section between the living room and the second "bedroom" which I use as my lounge/computer/iguana room. The floor is concrete slab with copper heating pipes inset. I know they're copper because a) they haven't leaked yet, and b) I can see them enter the floor in my closet from the main feed (with about 4 individual on/off valves which I don't dare touch). Floor heating works like a champ and costs me nothing since I don't have to pay for gas in this apartment. The kitchen is small and probably original with formica counter tops and sliding cabinet doors. A wood wall unit holds the oven and fridge as well as shelves. The fridge fits perfectly into the aperture and so is probably near original. It died a few years ago and they were going to give me a new one, but none of the new fridges fit in the aperture in the shelf unit so they just repaired the pump in the old fridge. Windows are casement windows. The kitchen and front room are one room, divided by a floor to ceiling builtin shelf unit with kitchen cabinets on the kitchen side, and pull out drawers and (I guess) a writing shelf in the front rom side. Wiring is old 2 wire romex, no ground wire. Flooring is true linoleum tiles I believe, black with off-white streaks.

The complex itself is 2 stories with 2 rows of units and a garden area down the middle with small backyards for the lower units. 1 car port per unit. Flat top gravel roof (which leaked like mad a few years ago causing lots of internal water damage). Most of one wall to the living room and 2nd bedroom is glass doors in old steel frames, 1 sliding glass door in each room.

Due to the length of time I've lived here mine is the only unit which is un-renovated. As people moved out they replaced the linoleum tile with vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood floors. They remodel the kitchens by installing ugly white swing-door cabinets and by sawing off the top part of the dividing shelving unit in the kitchen so you lose the divider effect and are left with a sort of bar effect. This also means you lose 1 see through shelf area in the kitchen where I have my swank knicknacks displayed. I'm pretty sure the toilet and sinks and such are original: the porcelin/ceramic toilet casting is stamped with a date of July 1950.