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galvanized water pipes to laundry room (rust stains on cloth

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We're having problems with our clothes washer where we end up with rust stains on our clothes. I have called the manufacturer and they say their washers don't rust (it's a Miele).
They are going to send a service representative out anyway.

I was thinking that if it was not the washer, it could be the pipes. I believe we have copper water pipes throughout the house, except for the 2 pipes coming into the washer. I'm not sure why these are not copper.
It looks like the pipes are coming down the wall from above. I'm not sure where they are coming from since they cannot come from the roof!!

Does anybody has an atrium model, one car garage, one carport, very common model in Sunnyvale, who has had these problems before?
Do you know how these pipes run (where are they coming from) and why they are not copper?


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I don't have any specific experience, but here is something you can explore. There is another posting about "brown" hot water - - the solution was to drain the hot water heater where sediments & impurities have settled.

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Yes, I saw that posting.
I forgot to mention that we have a brand new water heater.

I think the best thing to do is to replace the galvanized pipes with copper ones. Not sure why we have part galvanized and part copper pipes.


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i would not be surprised if it was a galvanized pipe issue. However, if your washer runs near a toilet or other water outlet you might consider hooking up your washer to it and see if you still get rust spots. Also are the hot and cold water separate? if so you might not be able to test one hose at a time (hooking up to the toilet or other water source, that is). I've heard of some of the higher line washing machines requiring that BOTH lines be hooked up, even if you don't intent to use the hot water.

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