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Help add new ceiling vent in kitchen?

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Joined: Jan 23 2008

I want to add a vent over the island counter cooktop for a hood, and I need to cut a hole in the roof for the exhaust chimney. So, the whole job needs:

Make support for hood. Screw into decking? Screw through decking and bolt to bar on top of roof?

Cut hole in roof.

Put cap on roof and seal roof so it doesn’t leak. This is the scary part.

Wire electric into hood. The original vent is about 3 feet away and it doesn’t seem to be energized.

Mount hood. This will be tricky to align perfectly.

Do you know anyone who can do this stuff well, and has Eichler experience?

I am not even sure who to call. A roofer? An electrician? A handyman?

Thanks for any advice. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or you know of someone who can do this work.

amnontoo AT hotmail DOT com

Joined: Aug 25 2005

Where are you located? I know of a general contractor in Palo Alto.

Castro Valley

Joined: Jan 23 2008

Palo Alto (Palo Verde neighborhood)

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