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HELP: Replacement Light Shade/Globe

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Joined: May 30 2006

I apologize for the cross-post on both forums. We're living one of the Fairgrove Cupertino Eichlers, circa '61. We just broke one of the original white glass light fixture globes in the kitchen and I'm wondering if anyone has old ones they'd be willing to sell.

I've looked at all of the lighting links I have come across and have not seen these globes. Any suggestions of where I might have one custom made if I'm unable to track one down?

Joined: Aug 30 2003

I've never seen that type of Eichler ceiling light, and I have never seen anything like that currently for sale. used to sell a white globe light that was very close to the Eichler ceiling lights used in the late 50's and early 60's, but your ceiling light is quite different. Sorry.

1959 A. Quincy Jones atrium model in The Highlands, San Mateo

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