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How to Install a portable air conditioner though a sliding door

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Joined: Jul 6 2017

Hi out there,
Does anyone have experince doing this? How did it work out?
Here's one approach in this video:
Is that the best way or do you have other ideas?
Thank you for any advice you many have!

Joined: Oct 29 2009

Hi There,
DIY guy in traning. I've actually done this, albiet not as nice as the video you put up. I received a free portable a/c from work a few years ago and then I ended up buying a pet door to vent the exhaust. I bought a roll of weatherstripping and applied it vertically on either side of the pet door.  Since the top of the pet door is spring loaded and adjustable, it holds pretty well against the rails of the slider. The reason I went this route was because I wanted something I could setup and breakdown quickly in addition to not drilling any holes in the sliding door and I wanted to do it as cheap as possible! I can send you a pic if it helps.

Joined: Jul 6 2017

Thanks, Kibu42, for your helpful reply. I talked to a neighbor who also did exactly what you described. I then searched online for a pet door that was uncoated aluminum, like an Eichler slider. I still need to do measurements but think it will work. Thanks again!

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