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How to *not* waste water

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I apologize if this topic has been discussed but I searched for awhile and found nothing.

We're going to replace the tub and tile in our bathroom and wanted to inquire about the most efficient way to preserve water in the future. My bathroom is at the opposite end of the house from the heater, so I have to let it run for awhile until I get hot water. There seem to be two options:
1) Bring the heater closer to the bathroom. But I really don't have *any* extra room to work with.
2) Channel the water to an outside water container so that it at least doesn't get lost. I could later use it to water the landscape, etc.
Any ideas appreciated from folks having done any of these.

Joined: Mar 21 2003

Another option is to install a pump under the sink that pumps water from the hot supply to the cold supply. You start the pump when you want to take a bath or shower and the pump pulls hot water from the tank returning the cold water in the line back into the cold water side. They make units that will turn off automatically when the hot water arrives at the sink. Presumably the sink and tub/shower plumbing are close enough that you then don't have long to wait for hot water at the shower once you have hot water at the sink.

We don't have such a thing at our house (though my parent installed a similar thing many years ago in their house that runs off a timer rather than a temperature sensor). A quick web search turns up a "Chili Pepper Hot Water Recycler" as one brand/model (no recommendations).

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I just posted a question about a similar product called the d'mand hot water system on the other forum. I was looking for something similar. Unfortunately it looks like the Chili Pepper Hot Water Recycler is an Australian product and it doesn't really tell you how it's it by user, a timer, or ?

Anyone have experience with a similar product? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion or experience on it. Thanks.


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