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San Mateo Highlands Eichlers up for grabs

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Joined: Jun 24 2008

Hi all-

Please read the following blog:

As you'll see the issue in this neighborhood isn't whether or not people want conservation: according to surveys upwards of 60% do. It's whether the San Mateo County will continue to allow developers to rip the houses down and exploit the real estate for speculation. Even the pitiable state of the housing market won't stop these type of precedents from being set.

Any ideas/help/advice/soothing words welcome. :(


Joined: Jul 28 2004

I'd love to offer some soothing words, but, alas, I have none.
The Highlands as a community is not willing to do what is necessary to stop this kind of desecration. Nor has it been willing to enforce code violations regarding cars and RVs parked on lawns, etc.,etc., etc.
That's just the way it is, I'm sorry to say. I quit trying to fight it long ago.

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