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ISO (pt. 2): custom cabinetmaker for drawer pulls and slider doors (based on original specs)

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Another ISO request…


Does anyone have a lead on a custom cabinetmaker, who is able to replicate the original drawer faces and slider doors?


Slider door cutout detailing


Drawer face cutout detailing


We’re in Orange County — but not having much luck locating someone who can do this. So looking for someone in the Bay Area who could do the work and ship down the components to us. 


Please PM if you have a referral or lead.



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Located a set of older drawer faces, which we can re-use for the new cabinets.

Now just looking for a source to replicate the masonite cabinet slider doors -- or any info. on a technique or process used to recreate the indented fingerpulls.


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It looks like they litterally took a cirular saw and set the depth to about an 1/8 of an inch.
In other words they layed the door flat and lowered the saw blade to scoop out a handle.

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^ yep... what Sean said.

I've not done this, but a dado-blade on a table saw seems to be the way to go. Not a "suggested" technique, but you'd have to set the fence and height of the blade, then lower the door in position... I can't think of a way to otherwise raise the blade to the same height each time (if you were to raise the blade v. lower the stock...)

That said i have seen some eichler with simple circular holes drilled through as "handles" — perhaps a more achievable (and usable) option.

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^ yep yep what Hunter said. I'm thinking the material was laid over a dado blade...
Another question to the question though. after seeing the back of the said sliding doors, my assumption is they were made out of masoite... However, my experience with shopping for masonite is the new stuff is anywhere between an 1/8 - 1/16 thinner and not as straight. 
Does anyone out there know where to source some masonite (or some other) material that is dimmensionally correct and nice & straight like the original?

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