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Light fixture over kitchen sink

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Joined: Mar 28 2003

My 1955 Sacramento "Greenmeadow style" Eichler is missing the original fixture over the kitchen sink. It mounted on the bottom of the beam right above. The base socket matches the hanging round globes used in the rest of the kitchen and the living room, so I'm guessing that it was the same, but maybe with a little shorter shaft so you don't hit your head on it.

Can anyone help me confirm this, as I'm trying to be as faithful to what was ther as possible? I can't find any vintage photos that show the light fixture.

I'm also wondering if anyone has an extra globe fixture (if that's what was there) that they are not using that they would like to sell.

This would help me complete my "little project".


Dane Henas

Joined: Jun 13 2003

I have a variety of original Eichler ceiling lights that would fit your situation.
Paul Galli

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