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Solar Coils that lay flat on roof

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I am considering a solar pool heater that uses black coils filled with water that lay on top of the roof. I have a durolast roof that has really made a difference keeping my house cooler. I am concerned that the solar coils will bring additional heat back into the house. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on this?

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I was wondering if you had any direct replies to your query. My situation is identiical--I'm considering solar heating for my pool. It would be composed of black tubing filled with water on a foam roof.

I expect, perhaps simplistically, that the roof insulation will still do its job even with the coil mounted. I haven't had the quote yet but was planning on asking for references (hopefully some would be Eichlers.)

I need to get more than one quote and was wondering if you would be willing to email me the name of the company you're dealing with.

Thanks in advance. You can email me as: eichownr at rawbw dot com

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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