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Looking for 10" Globe Lights with 4" opening

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We've just completed a roof replacement on our Burligame Eichler.  In the process, one of our kitchen 10" globe lights was broken.  I'm looking to replace it and was wondering where I could find one.  It's 10" in diameter with a 4" opening for hanging.  I only need the glass globe, not the associated fixture.  

Can anyone help me find a replacement?  Or does anyone have one they are willing to sell?


Neel (that's the number zero, not the letter "o")

Joined: Apr 2 2013

I have not purchased from here yet, but i have found 10" globes with 4" openings here:

Joined: Aug 23 2013

We just bought 2 globes from this website and it arrived promptly and they look just like the originals (ours also broke during roofing job).  Shipping was pretty expensive.

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