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molding in models with original mahogany walls

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The molding inside of my house is in bad condition in a few areas. My house has no sheetrock--all of the walls are luan mahogany. The only plain molding that I can find in various lumber yards is made of pine and it does not blend in with the mahogany walls when I try to stain it. Does anyone know where to get molding that would work with the original walls? I'm in the East Bay. 

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We had the same problem, particularly after floor removal. A good lumber yard, those that carry fine woods will be able to get Philippine mahogany and cut it to your specs. Not cheap but the only way to get near original.

Marius J

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dolan's lumber in concord stocks 1-3/8in mahogany base. your base is likely 2-1/4in, but worth checking. if nothing else, this base could be easily ripped down for crown trim. you might also check rafael lumber in san rafael. they're somehow connected with a large-scale moulding mill (kelleher) and sell all sorts of molding at a fraction of the cost of the big box stores. they also sell more unique varities of woods (p-mahog being one) that could be ripped and trimmed for use. golden state lumber is a few doors down and also worth a look.

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Aloha Zelda

I just took a look at the molding here in our house as I thought I remembered it was actually just paneling cut into strips. 

The original trim here is just paneling cut into strips for both baseboard and ceiling trim.

Don't know about other Eichlers.  Ours went up mid 1950's in Palo Alto


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I went to MacBeath hard woods in Berkeley (they're also in SF) and got a 6"x 4" x 7' beam of peruvian mahogony for about $200.  Cut it down into strips with table saw at my house for crown moulding.  It took some work, but it looks great and was a good price.

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