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Need Replacement Burners for 1950s Thermador Cooktop

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Joined: Jul 19 2009

Model No: SU-4

Stove has 2 - 8" and 2 - 6" burners. Any help appreciated.


Joined: Mar 16 2005

Hi, you might want to try Lotta Livin's website to see if you can post your request there. Also, a "wanted" on Craigslist might be a way to go. Reliance Appliance in Berkeley specializes in mid-century O'Keefe & Merritts, Wedgewoods, etal but they might know someone who has a specialty in mid mod mod stoves. Just Google Reliance Appliance for their number. Don't be offended if the person you talk to is kind of rude. He's just a little freaky (good old Berkeley!). I checked Ebay for you and struck out and wasn't too surprised. In my experience, most people would want to see you a whole cooktop and you probably wouldn't want to pay the shipping (so they don't bother listing). But Craigslist in the Bay Area is local, so you might have more luck there and Reliance has been around a long time, so they might be able to hook you up. Good luck! Wife o'Prefab.

Joined: Sep 29 2009

Hi Michael,
Have you had any luck finding parts for your Thermador cook top?
I have scans from an old catalog with model #'s. We too have a SU-4 but ours is actually the SU-4AN model. It has 4 burners and the one to far left drops down to accept a pot that is called Duo-Cook. We would love to find this pot and also are looking for replacement drip pans. An owners manual would be terrific. Hope you are having some luck in your seach. Talk soon,
Mike Savage
Portland, OR

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