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New foam roof - copper water pipe damage?

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Not sure if anybody, other than a chemical engineer/expert,  would know the answer to my question but I thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone has experienced the same situation.
New copper pipes for my water lines were installed on my roof .  Afterwards I replaced my roof with a foam roof.  The pipes were high enough up that the roofers could foam under the pipes.   So, the roofers didn't foam in the pipes.  However, they did cover the copper pipes with the white coating chemical that goes over the foam. 
I noticed the white coating on the pipes were a light blue--different from the white on the roof.  This suggests there was a chemical reaction between the coating material and copper pipes.  Is this ok?  Or does anyone know whether the white coating material used over the foam is harmful to copper pipes.  Have my brand new copper pipes been damaged and there will be copper leaking into my water?
I'm worried because I have very young children.
Thanks much!