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new front door ideas?

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Joined: Oct 20 2003

looking to replace my eichler front door with another newer door, but I want to stay with the modernist style. Any ideas?

Home Depot doesn't have a good selection of modernist doors.



Joined: Apr 5 2003

Neoporte ( has some cool stainless steel doors that might suit an Eichler well. They appear to be pricey -- an ad in Dwell showed that a door with a large rectangular window was $5000.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

perhaps it's the fixtures rather than the door itself that might lend to a new modernist look that you are going for. You can purchase any hollow or solid core door in a variety of wood finishes, or paint on in any color of your choosing. Liz's Hardware in Los Angeles carries a huge catalog of vintage modern style door handles and rosettes that are still being manufactured. They are pretty amazing. We purchased two handmade rosettes that were brass with inlaid beautiful tile for the front double doors in our old house. It really brought a modernist look to the simple birch doors. good luck

Joined: Jul 1 2003

We replaced the front door about a month ago; can't say it was worth it, but the 3rd lock, pre-20th cent. in style and non-functional, really bugged my wife so she had it replaced.
(1) I agree with Cindy; it's the hardware and color that makes Eichler, not the door, which is a common solid core door.
(2) Ours is a 1973 Courtyard model, so it was not so standard - - the door needed to be literally 3/4" longer than 8 ft. so a 8 ft door was a bit short; the choice was to get a 9 ft and cut it size, but the handyman went ahead with 8 ft anyway, and installed a slightly higher door threshold.
(3) According to him, the door framing was a bit off; I haven't determine why the new door doesn't seem flush. However, the original lock hardware was reinstalled (the inset distance was unsually long); we thought about new hardware, but the weak point was the door frame and a better lock would do nothing to reinforce the original frame/header, etc.
(4) Next, my wife painted it orange, in keeping with Eichler's earth tone color scheme; she cringes at all the new pattern doors other people installed - - nice doors, but not Eichler and not modern. However, the orange was too yellowish (she was seeking marigold), so back to Home Depot for new paint; this time, it was a medium purple to go with our sand/brown (maybe it's beige, I haven't noticed since we moved in) exterior color.
So this is a long way of saying, get a flat (no design or pattern) door, paint it a bold Eichler color complementing your exterior colors and use the original or compatible lock hardware.

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Forgot to mention that if you go with a basic solid core door made of wood or ready-to-paint surfacing, call around to different door/hardwood floor manufacturers. I got both the solid core front and side doors customed sized to my specifications (larger than standard) for under $130 apiece.

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We had a new front door put in last spring. We had a solid core totally plain door put in and we then painted it orange to go with our brown siding. We wanted to stay with true Eichler colors. We did get new hardware something with nice clean lines as our original hardware was long gone. I personally thing just about any other door looks just too fussy for a Eichler home.

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