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Original (but painted) closet doors -free to a good home

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Hello all,

Our new Eichler was de-Eichlered beyond return so we are going the modern route. We are replacing all of the 3-panel tall closet doors with glass/aluminum.

I have been holding on to these but just now got the chance to advertise them.

They are painted on the front, raw on the back. (if I recall correctly)

Let me know if you want them. I'll wait a few weeks to recycle them.

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Is it too late to get them?

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Glasshaus, would you mind sharing information on the closet doors you got?

I'm looking to replace the closet doors that our previous owners destroyed and were thinking about the glass/Aluminum look. If you can share where you got them from and the approx cost that would be great. Also, pictures would be wonderful. You can email them to me at
forhabi at gmail dot com

All that you touch, and all that you see. Is all your life, will ever be. -Pink Floyd

Joined: Feb 6 2008


We used the Ikea PAX (stordal?) frosted glass doors as a replacement. We had to add some framing to the sides and top of the closet but it worked. A little more hacking on the bottom to replace the PAX lower sliding rail was required as well. Its definetly not a plug-and-play project but not too difficult.

Here is a random web image that gives you an idea. Sorry I don't have any of my own right now.

They cost about 500.00 for the doors and sliding rails, but probably far less than any non-ikea variation.


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Thanks Brad,

Yup... I saw a post on another website of a Ikea Strodal Hack… check this out (

I really like this door but the problem is that I can’t find a door size that is exact fit (I’m assuming that is why you had to do the framing.

Our coat closet is 66” wide and the options in strodal are ~59” and 78”. I guess we could go with the 78” but there would some overlap even when the doors are closed. Not sure how this might look.

Do you live in the South Bay?


All that you touch, and all that you see. Is all your life, will ever be. -Pink Floyd


I recently bought an Eichler and am looking at changing out the closet doors to the ikea ones. If you have had experience with this, can you email me at so that I could get more info on how to "hack" the Ikea doors? My closet is 63 inches wide and the Ikea doors are 59" and 78". Thank you.

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