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Asbestos Tile--Carpet/Laminate over it or remove?

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Hi all,
By reading the posts, it seems like my Eichler likely has asbestos tile under the current carpet. I didn't get it tested but probably that is the case.

I was wondering how many people actually removed the asbestos tile or used floor covering (carpet/laminate/hardwood) over it?

Some of the tiles are broken/cracked especially near the wall.

Does this impact saleability of the house in the future?

Also any abatement contractors recommended in the Bay Area (if I decide it's worth to get done)?


For the Asbestos tile to be removed-you must first determine if asbestos is present by obtaining samples of the products.Second, obtain the proper protective gear to obtain a high quality breathing ventilation for you.Third, specially designed bags to hold asbestos.Fourth, cleanup rules must be followed for safety and be sure your home is safe.It is the best way to remove asbestos tile.

Carrara Subway Tile

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