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Removing Tile & leaving concrete underneath

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Joined: Jul 7 2017

Hi - I'm looking for whatever creative way I can not unearth pandora's box under my tile, yet remove very outdated in perfectly condition white tile from our new Eichler. A few things I looked at / posted about was:
1) painting the tile with 2 part epoxy oil based paint - Ive been told this is crazy and not to do it.
2) putting laminate / floating floor over the tile. Has anyone done this and if so, was your heat affected?
3) Removing the tile & painting / keeping the cement underneath - is this crazy expensive? 
Thanks in advance from a completely cluelness new eichler home owner.

Joined: Mar 29 2005

I would go with number 3 but instead of painting I'd do an Epoxy coating to cover the bare concrete. One caveat is that any damage to the concrete base such as chips or cracks may show through the epoxy coating. I was going to do an epoxy floor in my kitchen remodel but when I took up the vinyl flooring I discovered that the concrete underneth was damaged as it appeared that the previous owner had a portion of the floor carpeted and when the carpet was removed to put in the vinyl all of the tack strip nails when pulled up had pulled out bits of concrete as well. I could have had a skim coat of concrete put down to cover the divits but then the cost of the floor would have been 50% more.
Another option I looked at was to do a polished concrete floor, but decided against that for similar reasons and all imperfections in the old concrete might show through.

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