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Replacement of riff or circular-sawn Cedar paneling

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The paneling in our Eichler is a very interesting paneling. It looks cedar, 1/4", but the face has a very pronounced circular saw pattern to it...a large pattern, maybe from a 12" blade. It also has that traditional look of paneling: vertical lines routered in and running about every 8-12" apart. Anyone know where we can find this product? I doesn't resemble the luan paneling spoken of in other chat boxes. Thanks, Mike

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You might want to tak to some of your local wholesale lumber supliers, furniture manufactureres or cabinetmakers.

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that doesn't sound like original Eichler paneling. Eichler usually used clean slabs of Philippine mahogany. In some cases, he would continune exterior siding indoors along the same wall. Towards the late 60s, he reduced the paneling in favor of sheet rock in the bedroom/kitchen/bath/family areas.

The early 50s saw redwood paneling in some eichlers as well.

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Description sounds like the panelling that we have - ours was built in 1972.

Check out Owners are part of the Eichler Network team.

They've pictures of the siding that they market. It may be what you're looking for or the owners may know where you can find what you need.

Good luck

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