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Thermador cmt 227 glass upper door

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I am looking for an upper glass door for my Thermador double oven. Any ideas? I have looked EVERYWHERE! No luck. It has been discontinued as of February. I talked to my local glass company and they can make me a glass panel if I can bring in the door. How do I get it off?

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Don't know if we have the same model, but try the following:

- open the oven door completely

- the upper part of the door hinge forms an arc between the door and the oven cavity. On the bottom edge of that arc, you will see a movable metal piece. Slide that metal piece down from the lower edge of the arc so that the metal piece now points directly into the oven cavity (i.e. move it 90 degrees downward).

- the oven door hinge should now be locked (if you try to close the door, you won't be able to).

- with the hinge in the locked position, pull the door directly out from the oven

This is how I remove my oven door so I can properly clean the face of the oven cavity. Let me know if the instructions are too confusing and I'll clarify.


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I have been looking for about a year for a glass. How will you ever get one made that will match the color, design, etc??

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