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Very cool anodized aluminum/frosted glass garage doors

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Just thought I'd share this newly acquired info with everyone. Have you seen the Clopay brand garage doors in anodized aluminum and frosted glass? Wow. They are fantastic and so well suited to contemporary design. Will try to post a link so everyone can see them. I have no idea
how expensive they might be, but I think they're probably worth it!

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Thanks for the link. The garage door is beautiful. I have a few questions though that i was hoping a few fellow Eicher owners could help answer:

- our garage door was replaced by the previous owner with a traditional, hinged panel door on rollers which raises up into the garage. We like the convenience of an electric garage door and don't envision ever going back to something that requires manual effort to open.

- we DONT like the look of the hinged panel pool and would prefer to replace it with something that is consistent with our Eichler paneling, however i'm not sure if its even technically feasible to do this without buying Eichler paneling and then replacing the entire garage/opener track assembly (since our existing assembly assumes the door is hinged and can be raised lowered on tracks). Can someone give us suggestions on how we might be able to make something like this happen without doing a 'forklift upgrade' of our existing system?

I guess the worse case scenario would be too explore other garage doors that are more consistent with a modern design theme (such as the previous post) however I thought I would at least ask about other potential workarounds.

p.s. re: the previous post, does anyone know who carries/distributes this style of garage door in Northern California? Vendor and pricing information would be helpful. E-mail vendor names directly to vonkodi AT aol DOT com

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Just saw these doors installed on a Eichler in Walnut Creek, I think it was off Clyde.

They look great, they even did a new front door with the aluminum frame and frosted glass.

Still keeps the modern look. I like it but think it might take away from the Eichler look.

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I just received two different quotes for this garage door. They were both very similar at around $2,100-$2,500 installed (single door/stall garage).

It would be great if someone could post pics of the Eichler in Walnut Creek that has these garage doors to get a better feel for how they look!

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I first saw this door on a neighbour's house here in Canada. He is an architect who has a house very similar to the Richard Neutra desert house.

Thanks for the pricing info!

We're meeting with our architect next week to see his plans for our house.
I know that he has frosted glass panels in mind for screening the front
courtyard, and he hates our garage door (as do I - not the original), but I'm not sure what
he wants to replace it with. I suspect he wants to replace the area over the garage door with a glass panel as he is very much into the idea of the roof "floating" over the house. In fact, he likes "floating" everywhere - interior walls freestanding - cabinets freestanding - etc. The more he talks about what our house needs - the more I realize I haven't got a clue!

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If I understand your post, it sounds like you have a roll-up garage door. My Eichler's original door is a single door for a 2 car garage and is nearly a full half of the front of the house. For me, it was no option, I had a new door built with Eichler siding in the Plank-Tex to match the original siding. The door is the single pivot up type. Looks and works just like the original.

There is a neighbor here who did a roll up and had the door faced with Eichler siding. From the sidewalk, you can't tell, the horizontal splits have very tight joints. I've also seen photos of a Palo Alto or Sunnyvale Eichler done this way. I elected not to do it as my door is south facing and has no overhangs. This caused the original door to die from sun and rain exposure. Something to consider for a new door.

If it makes sense for you and if you do have a roll up, you might be able to retro fit it with new Eichler siding.

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Got a $4000 quote to have Eichler siding installed on a roll-up.
Was yours this high?
BTW - The Walnut Creek Eichler on Clyde not only has the cool garage door but an awesome new front door.
The guys are doing a great jog with the landscaping too.
Terrific Job Guys...

Joined: Jun 28 2003

Drove by this weekend and snapped a couple of pictures. Garage door was slightly up, you can also see the front doors to the left.

I think this looks good on this Eichler, but it may be too much door for other homes

click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Joined: Nov 4 2003


My garage door is a single one piece door and was half that cost you were quoted. Of course that was 2 years ago!

Thanks for posting the photo of that door. It is a cool door, and works fine on an Eichler if one was not being slavish to originality as I was! I had considered a stainless steel front door at one point.


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