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Vintage Photos or Video of Eichlers?

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Here I am the new guy here and already I want something :wink: I hope this posting is not out of line here...

I'm a grad student at Arizona State University. My masters thesis is about the recent revival in mid-century modern furniture. I'm interviewing collectors and dealers of MCM furniture, and using these interviews to make a short documentary film.

Before I can explain the revival, however, I first need to set the MCM furniture (and architecture) into its proper historical context. It's easy enough to get current photos and video of the furniture in which these people are interested (the collectors have been very generous). However, it's much trickier to get vintage photos and video that are copyright-free. I've had some luck contacting museums, but they often charge $20 or more per image (even for educational use only).

My request, then, is for any vintage photos or video that might show Eichlers (preferably interiors with furniture, although I also need some exterior shots). This might include home movies, family photos, etc. In fact, the less staged, the better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Peter Wolf
College of Archhitecture + Environmental Design
Arizona State University

Joined: Dec 22 2003

I have scanned a number of old family photos taken at my parents Eichler in Palo Alto which I'm willing to share with your project. I can put them on a CD for you or email them but the CD is easier.

Email me back with your mailing address and I'll work on this in the next few days.


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