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Vinyl windows and patio doors

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Is vinyl the better than alluminum?
I am looking for good quality vinyl windows and patio door, can anyone give an input on it?
Has anyone used Aurora vinyl windows and doors?


San Rafael

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Vinyl Ugh. Not modern at all. Go for low profile aluminum with thermal break.

Joined: Aug 6 2006

Aluminum windows tend to be more expensive than vinyl and can bust your budget especially if you are thinking of replacing all of the windows. However, aluminum is more environmentally friendly. Another option would be to keep your existing windows and just refinish the frames (ie: prime and paint) although today's dual-glazed windows are more cost-effective.

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i purchased 6 milgard aluminum sliding windows (not doors) -- 4 large (bedrooms/kitchen), 2 small (bathrooms = tempered + frosted) for $1500 total (not installed) from big orange. the installs were simple slip ins. the frames get cold (transfer heat) whereas the vinyl will not. then again, we're not in wisconsin.

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Also keep in mind that if you go with vinyl, your house will always need be painted in light colors and the posts will pretty much always need to be white instead of a dark color like they were intended to be.

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