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Walnut Creek area roofer question

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Does anyone have a recommendation regarding reputable roofers in the central Contra Costa County area? I'm currently trying to get information so that I can have a new roof put on a 2400 sq foot 1971 Eichler in Walnut Creek after the rainy season ends. Will be replacing a 12 year old t&g roof with either another t&g or a foam roof. Cost is a consideration, but already anticipate a 4-ply t&g roof with tar in between each ply to be at least $15K, so am more focused on quality and durability. Flat roofs in this part of the Bay Area must be able to withstand the very hot summers and quite wet winters we have in this area. Several of the Eichlers in the neighborhood have recent foam roofs, but the company installing those roofs is apparently now out of business...and I'm hoping that I don't end up with a roof installed by a company that will be gone within a year or two. That is the primary reason I'm even considering another t&g roof. I will also be trying to coordinate other upgrades during the project--wires for cable, phone, speakers, and possibly additional lighting. I will not be installing any type of A/C system on the roof. Our radiant heat system works very well and the added expense of a low-profile A/C system brought total roof costs to almost $50K for our neighbors.

Any recommendations from those who have information on this subject, I'd appreciate it. If you'd like to email me directly with any information, my email is: brad at ectosphere dot com


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I just thought I would share my perspective of a wire free home. My strategy for my eichler is to go wireles. I installed a wireless access point for the internet connectivity (5.15-5.35 ghz range) and a 5.8 ghz cordless phone. The reception is wonderful in our 4bd/2bath and I yanked out all those dangling phone lines around the house. Since I went with the 5ghz band, I have not had one instance of interence from appliances, etc that was reported with the 2ghz range products. I have one line running into the home for voice and data. I am still waiting on the cable to go wireless. Think it will be a while? Maybe not. Check out the currently available Leapfrog products. They have transmitters that can send cable from a connected TV to another with no cable. Soon enough I will have my wish.


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I, too, am in Contra Costa County (Concord) looking for a roofer. I've been frustrated to discover most of the roofers advertising in the Eichler Network do not take jobs in the East Bay. I have a 6 year old tar and gravel roof that is leaking like a sieve every rain storm. I've got a quote for a new foam roof, but after reading some of the postings am wondering if repairing the T&G is a better use of the money. If so, I need to know who does T&G on Eichlers here in Concord. I also have wiring that needs attention (phone lines that hum during wet weather!) and so maybe I'm being too hasty about considering foam. Are the insulation benefits of foam really all the contractor says they are? Any help folks can offer and leads on East Bay roofers would be much appreciated!

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Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We can recommend a very good company close to you.
Please consider your roof choice carefully. A properly installed foam roof is hard to beat.

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