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Walnut Creek Mini Eichler

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Joined: Jun 28 2003

This as was on Craigs List. A friend went over and checked it out and her is what he found out.

The owner is an original owner from 1955. Eichler created this mini version as a sales office/showroom. After all of the Eichlers in Rancho San Miguel were sold she bought this unit directly from Joseph Eichler and had it moved into her backyard.

Her husand was some type of therapist and used it as an office with clients.

It's a nice piece of history, Sure would be nice if it could some day it could end up back at Rancho San Miguel


Joined: Oct 10 2003

This is so cool. Since CL pages expire after a while, I've posted this in memoriam at:

Joined: Jul 14 2006

Great find!!! Would have some space in my backyard for that one... :wink:

Joined: Mar 30 2003

Rumor has it there is one of these in Castro Valley, as well. I believe I've seen it from a neighboring yard, but haven't gotten a clear view of it.

I heard the story from one of the original owners who still lives on Greenridge Road.

Castro Valley

Castro Valley

Joined: May 7 2003

I have indeed seen this home.. I've been there....wrote about it I think. I took video. Then LOST IT! I feel like a complete moron! This is the most wonderfull Eichler I've ever seen, simply because, in it's smallness, there's so much glass by ratio, it's so pure, such poetry.
I even once had the chance to visit during the full moon. I never did. That was REALLY stupid... Eichlers and moonlight. The tenant at the time said it was like living in a treehouse. She commented on the sheen of afternoon light on the mahogany.
I must contact the owner... do you still have owner contact data?

Joined: Mar 26 2011

Hi. My family and I now own the mini Eichler. It is indeed still in Rancho San Miguel. We're working on cleaning it up after many years of rentals. Maybe if there's ever a Walnut Creek Eichler house tour we can open it up to people.

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@cricketwc: for some reason, i can't send an inter-forum email... could you contact me at red (at) redneckmodern (dot) com?

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