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weatherproofing a garage

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ok. now that it's completely freezing in concord, i'm beginning to give my sliding doors the stink-eye. not that we're up for replacing them (although the lure of the rolling doors is now more apparent), we are looking at ways of better sealing them from the elements. we tend to use the garage a lot and opening/closing the doors lets in a lot or breeze. plus, since we don't have 6 cars and an RV, it's kind of a nice workshop space.

insulating the sealing the walls is en-process, but the real culprit is the door -- especially in gale-force winds.

i can definitely envision some low-profile tracks/blocking on the sides and sweeps on the bottom to help better seal the doors, but what have folks done otherwise to help seal out the elements? the top seems to be the real achilles-heel.

thoughts? (yes, i did a search... lots of posts with "garage" in them, i might add).

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Like redneckmodern, I've been wondering about insulating my garage a bit better. One of the issues I'm somewhat cautious about though is ensuring sufficient air exchange. My garage has 3 original screens set into the walls presumably to ensure sufficient air intake for the boiler and water heater (and possibly gas exhaustion).

Does anyone know anything about this in terms of how much air supply/air exchange is required in garages by modern standards? Any precautions we should be taking when we insulate our garages? I know I have not been as diligent as I should be in vacuuming those screens to keep them clear.

Thanks in advance.

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funny you should reply today. one of the reasons we were looking into weatherproofing the garage was to help combat breezy-ness in the house. yesterday, we replaced the kitchen-to-garage door (and reversed the swing for a better flow) with a fire-rated luan door. It helped quite a bit.

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I have good news on weatherproofing a garage.
I just completed installing brushes on all of the gaps surrounding the sliding doors.
I used brushes from Almost Airtight and worked with Bill Williams. He and I worked out which ones will work and I'm happy to share all info on this. The gaps include the bottom, vertical center, and top. I didn't put anything on the vertical sides because there was a good fit but you could.
Let me know if you need specific info.

Good luck,

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