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what is the possible cost to replace roof

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I am considering to replace my tar & gravel roof soon due to multiple leakings.
I know there are several options but without any idea of cost.
1500 sq, flat eicher roof, in sunnyvale CA,
Any suggestion is appreciated.



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costs range from $5000-$15,000

you least cost option is another tar and gravel roof.

next would be a torch-down rolled roof

next would be a vinyl membrane (like duro-last)

after that would be a foam roof.

get several estimates.

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We had a foam roof installed about two years ago and it cost us about 17K.


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similar to the above, our foam roof (and new skylights) ran $18K... but it's cooler in the summer (much) and warmer (and quieter) in the winter... granted the pay-back will be lengthy, we needed a new roof badly anyway.

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regarless of whether you go with rock, vinyl, or foam, get white or the lightest color they have. the reflectivity will help a lot during the hot months. :)

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From my experience, in this part of the Country, the membrane roofs are always the most expensive.
This makes the cheapest: a tar roof, then a torch-down, then sprayed foam, then single-ply.
However, 30% of the tar roof prices are more costly than a sprayed foam roof.
If you insulate your ceiling, (and you really must insulate) 90% of the tar and torch-down roofs are more expensive than the sprayed foam.
Randy from Dura-Foam Solar Center

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Depends on going rates where you live I suppose. We re-did ours recently w/ spray foam and most (reputable) quotes were around $20k which included removing the existing gravel from our roof. We made the mistake of choosing the lowest bidder and had a lot of problems. Remember to always check references no matter how good the sales pitch...

Also remember that this is a good opportunity for you to upgrade your electrical and or lighting that lives on the roof. The original wiring is not grounded.


Atrium Eichler

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update after I got quotes from Foam and single-ply roofers.

single-ply: need to remove current roof, cost ~$1600, total is ~$16k, (if add insulation ~$5k).
foam: cost ~ $16k, but requires re-coating 5 years later ~$5k.

I see many foam roof owners in this network and my neighbourhood, but not single-ply.
just wonder why....

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I have a foam roof, about two years ago, cost was around $15000. the difference in comfort, mostly from the summer heat, is priceless.

there's more information on options in the article:

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Big roofs cost more than small roofs.
Below are the costs for the last dozen Eichler roofs Dura-Foam Solar Center installed.
really big roofs can cost $20,000 plus.
The numbers have been rounded to protect the 'insulated'
Randy from Dura-Foam Solar Center.

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