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Which paint for original kitchen slidding door

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We have an orginal kitchen which was paint. I am planning to repaint all the slidding doors and I am looking for some paint recommendation (acrylic vs. oil base, finish: satin?, brand).


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I'd recommend using satin finish, oil base paint. Humidity can cause latex paint to be sticky/rubbery and therefore not slide well. Also, if the last paint layer on the slider/cabinet was oil base, latex paint will not adhere well. Lightly sand any glossy surfaces and consider using a thin coat of primer finished with a top coat of paint.

In terms of brand names, I've always been happy with Benjamin Moore.

To be extra sure of your process, materials, and color, you could consider getting a quart size of your materials and doing only one pair of doors in an inconspicuous area as a test run (like your master bedroom vanity doors).

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Thanks. Great. You've just confirmed my thought (oil better than acrylic, satin to keep the original sheen). I guess I know what I will do for memorial day week end :-)
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