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Wiring throught the Foam Roof!

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Joined: Jul 29 2003

I need to bring electrical to the other side of our Atrium model. Because of cement patio, the only option is to go through and over the foam roof. A local vendor has materials to to patch holes, etc.

Any guidance or things to avoid, would be appreciated.

Joined: Oct 10 2003

I'd recommend talking to a foam roofer about it -try Randy at Durafoam (an advertiser on this site), he's super helpful and knowledgeable.

Joined: Mar 2 2004

A good foam roof is easy to retro-fit. You get high praise for asking questions before paying an electrician to hack unnecessary and expensive holes in your roof. It is simple, and very inexpensive to add skylights, vents, pipes, conduits or replace damaged wood etc. with a foam roof. Have your electrician call our office. Our office staff can fax an approved detail for making the penetration and sealing it properly. When done properly, you will pay a lot less for labor and may end up paying $30 for two metal roof jacks and $7 for an approved sealant. If a piece of the roof is removed unnecessarily, it is easy for us to fix, but involves large and expensive foam equipment...and costs much more.

Joined: Apr 2 2003

We're doing the exact same thing right now. Abril Roofing (Richard, I believe) recommended (and eventually sold me) a couple tubes of urethane caulk. Unlike, say, a built-up roof, there's apparently no flashing, boots, pitch pans or any of that other business.

So far (knock on wood) the few penetrations I've made are watertight. Come winter, we'll really know :wink:

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