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Eichler Network's 2022 Home Maintenance Directory makes life today a little bit easier
  Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network's new 2022 'Home Maintenance Directory' went into the mail recently heading to the mailboxes of all Bay Area Eichler homes. It features nearly 125 seasoned service companies that know Eichlers inside and out.

Matching up a home-improvement project with the ideal contractor can be a challenge. Fortunately, that's where the Eichler Network's new 2022 'Home Maintenance Directory' comes in.

Chock-full of scores of service professionals who know Eichlers inside and out, the annual Home Maintenance Directory is a printed guide published annually by the San Francisco-based Eichler Network.

The handy, full-color directory features 36 pages of profiles of more than 40 modern home professionals in a dozen top categories of work, in addition to contact information for nearly 80 more proven service contractors.

"What's really great about the Eichler Network and the maintenance directory is that it groups people together who speak a common language," says Craig Smollen of Smollen the Builder, a licensed general contractor and finish carpenter who is profiled in the directory and one of the Network's team members.

Based in Marin County with 30 years of experience under his belt, Smollen has a deep appreciation and enthusiasm for mid-century modern architecture. He regards the visibility and exposure the Eichler Network gives him as a direct benefit to his business.

Fridays on the Homefront

"The directory puts me in touch with people who understand my dedication to architecture, and helps us connect with each other," he says.

Smollen, whose company motto is 'An Architect's Best Friend,' possesses a genuine respect for modern design, and exclusively works on modern homes.

"I fall on the side of protecting design, so anybody who's looking for that is looking for me," he says, adding, "I feel an obligation to keep modern architecture from being mishandled by those who don't understand that, for instance, one shouldn't put a Colonial door on a modern house."

This kind of uncompromising dedication is what CA-Modern magazine subscribers have come to expect from the Eichler Network and its directory, an invaluable resource that has been helping match up Eichler homeowners with experienced service professionals since 1993.

Longtime professionals also profiled in the latest Home Maintenance Directory are Cheryl and Sean Smith of Smith Electric, a couple who is always eager to lend their expertise to helping homeowners solve their home electrical issues.

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