First Marin Tour Since 2009

One dozen ‘outstanding’ San Rafael Eichler homes come together for May 19 showcase
Fridays on the Homefront
A peek inside one of the dozen outstanding Eichler homes lined up for the self-guided 'Marin Eichler Home Tour 2018,' now set for Saturday May 19 in the Terra Linda and Lucas Valley neighborhoods of San Rafael. Photos: courtesy Renee Adelmann of Marin Modern Real Estate
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Tour house #1 of 12.
Fridays on the Homefront
Marin tour co-organizer Renee Adelmann.

An Eichler home tour is a very special event these days—especially in Marin County, where it's been nearly a decade since the last one was staged. With that in mind, mark your calendar for Saturday May 19—so you don't miss out on 'Marin Eichler Home Tour 2018.'

"We have always wanted to put together an Eichler tour," says Marin's queen of Eichler realtors, Renee Adelmann, who operates Marin Modern Real Estate based in San Rafael. "However, we wanted it to be a big event and not just, 'Oh yeah, another Eichler tour.'"

And with that goal, Adelmann and two other mothers of children in San Rafael's Dixie School District went out searching for a dozen particularly outstanding houses for the self-guided 'Marin Eichler Home Tour 2018,' now set for the Terra Linda and Lucas Valley neighborhoods of San Rafael.

The realtor and co-organizers Tezza Yujuico and Brody Reiman "reached out to clients and friends we know that have nice houses and have done something interesting with them," says Adelmann. Two of the initial recruits were Mathias and Patricia Brodeur-Gug, to whom Adelmann sold a four-bedroom, 1957 Eichler in Terra Linda two years ago.

"We were very happy to help," says Patricia, formerly an elementary school teacher. "We wanted to be part of the tour…When they told me it was to help the school district, it really talks to me, to my values."

The Brodeurs' home and those of organizers Yujuico and Adelmann were among the first eight committing to the tour, which is a fundraiser for the school district's CanDo! Foundation. They eventually added four more choice homes to flesh out the roster.

Asked about her favorite houses on the tour, Adelmann admits bashfully, "I think ours is pretty special." Renee and husband Barry have a gorgeous remodeled six-bedroom, double A-frame designed by Claude Oakland on a large lot in Lucas Valley.

"Everyone is represented," she said more democratically of the 12 models on tour and the three core architectural firms that designed for Joe Eichler—Anshen and Allen, Jones and Emmons, and Oakland.