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Exhibit, book, fundraiser all focus on Aaron Green—a prime devotee of organic design
Green Makes the Scene
Courtesy Allan Green
Green Makes the Scene
Green with Wright, Berkeley, 1957. Courtesy Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc.

"We have some absolutely breathtaking original renderings," said Scott Andrews, communications director for the art center, speaking of the one-room exhibit. "The guy [Aaron Green] had a really excellent hand."

"A lot of architects come at it from the engineering side. He didn't," agreed Allan Green. "He came at it from the artistic side."

Allan cited the remarkable multitude of angles meeting together in the home his father designed for him in Philo, in Mendocino County.

"That's what was really amazing about him—the real artistry he brought into it," said Allan, who contributed numerous vintage copies of House Beautiful magazine to the exhibit with photography by Maynard L. Parker of his father's work.

Of course, one need not settle for mere photographs if you win what Andrews says is California's oldest "house raffle."

"What we've done is turn the house raffle into a significant exploration of a mid-century modern architect," Andrews said of Palos Verdes Art Center's big annual fundraiser, now in its 15th year. After featuring homes by architects John Elgin Woolf and Pierre Koenig the last two years, the center reached a conditional agreement to buy and raffle the Anderson Residence, a gorgeous bluffside home designed by Green.

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