Holiday Hauntings

Pick the perfect pumpkin—and then dive into our spooky new Fall '22 CA-Modern
  Fridays on the Homefront
The new Fall '22 issue of CA-Modern magazine (above) is now en route to our Eichler and Streng homeowners. The classic cover image by John Philip Falter spotlights our 'Houseful of Halloween' story. Photo: 'Trick or Treating in the Burbs' illustration (© SEPS licensed by Curtis Licensing, Indianapolis, IN. All rights reserved)

As the days begin to cool, and the leaves change color, it's nature's way of nudging us to put away the beach umbrellas and bring out the holiday decorations.

Here at the Eichler Network, we've been busily wrapping up the new Fall '22 issue of CA-Modern magazine, filled with a mid-century modern mix of holiday stories, timely topics, and gift ideas.

Jumping right into the Halloween season, we present 'Otherworldly,' a tale about a spooky new movie "thriller with a modern twist" first introduced in this space a few weeks ago.

  Fridays on the Homefront
'Otherworldly': SoCal Eichler home is the star of the show in 'Mid-Century' movie thriller. Photo: courtesy Mid-Century Movie LLC - Lionsgate

First-time producer Mike Stern, who shot the film in his Eichler in Orange, says the idea came to him one day while lounging at home in his Fairhaven tract. "I realized no one has ever made a haunted house movie in a mid-century modern home," he says.

Stern, who wrote, produced, and plays a character in the film, explains that what he set out to do was to create a cult film—"a kind of zany-strange-horrific but also funny, supernatural thriller that is most definitely a commentary on the politics of our time."

Our Fall issue's cover story ties in nicely with our delightful 1958 cover illustration titled 'Trick or Treating in the Burbs,' by classic 20th century American artist John Philip Falter. Conjuring up every kid's favorite Halloween moment, the tie-in story by yours truly, 'Houseful of Halloween,' revisits the ghosts and goblins of mid-century Halloweens past.

For that Halloween tale, we visit with pop culture artist Crystal Marshall (aka El Gato Gomez), known the world over for her colorful, 'mid-century spooky' illustrations.

  Fridays on the Homefront
'Houseful of Halloween': reliving the past with spooky spirits and haunted houses. Illustration courtesy El Gato Gomez

"I remember adoring The Munsters," says El Gato. "I think that is my main connection to mid-century spooky. The Dragula [coffin-shaped car], and the beatniks, and the music! It was just fantastic."

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