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Ten ideal indoor plant selections—living art for mid-century moderns

Plants for Bright Lighting

Featured here are five of our ten indoor plants recommendations for your mid-century-inspired décor. These five thrive in bright, indirect light. Avoid areas with intense or direct sun that may burn their leaves or dry out the soil quickly.



1 African Mask Plant
(Alocasia amazonica polly)
Named for its leaves that resemble ceremonial masks. An evergreen perennial with dark green, arrow-shaped leaves with wavy edges, marked with veins of bright, creamy white. Needs a warm, humid environment. Sculptural leaves make an ideal counterpoint to smooth texture. Native to southeast Asia and Australia.


2 Rubber Plant
(Ficus elastica)
Known for its rubbery white sap and dark green, glossy leaves. Other varieties include Ficus ruby, a variegated beauty with pink or purple color splashes. Multi-colored varieties require more light. Growth alert: can transform from a plant to a towering tree in a few years. Native to India, Nepal, and Malaysia.


3 Swiss Cheese Plant
(Monstera deliciosa)
Prized for its exotic, ornamental leaves. Can grow extremely large, sending out aerial roots in search of a moss-covered pole or tree. There's also a lacy variety called Monstera adansonii. Easy care if given a tropical, jungle-like environment with lots of room. Native to southern Mexico, south to Panama.

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